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STEM Expert (13-16 years old)

  /    /  STEM Expert (13-16 years old)

STEM Expert (13-16 years old)

STEM Expert programme is designed for lower secondary teenagers, where they will be learning in depth on the design principles that engages Science and Mathematics through the technology platform of Siemens Solid Edge. The programme is about 22 weeks per academic year, and they will be attempt for Siemens Certification to earn a micro-credential. After passing the exam, they will earn a Digital Badge that they can use in the email, Linkedin and other social media platform for recognition.

Module 1: 2D Design

Week 1

Introduction to 2D Design

Tangent & Angle

Week 2

Equilateral Polygons & Finding Its Area

Triangle Trim

Week 3

Rotate & Repeat

Line Pattern

Week 4



Module 2: Introduction to 3D Design

Week 5

3D Design Basic

Line Sketch

Week 6


Designing a Toy & Bulleyes

Week 7

Measuring Area & Design a Thinwall


Week 8

Designing Roof House & Tool Cutter


Module 3: 3D Motion and Mechanism

Week 9

Introduction to Motion & Mechanism

Dart Board

Week 10

Dimensioning Techniques

Intersecting Triangles

Week 11

Planes & Tangent Sketch


Week 12


Module 4: Conceptual Blending Design (CBD)

Week 13

Mobius Loop Basic

Week 14

Mobius Loop Arc

Week 15

Endless Helix Loop

Week 16

Star Helix Loop

Week 17

Design Sweep

Week 18

Art Loop

Week 19

Fish Cage

Week 20

Square Spring

Certification – Solid Edge Associate Level 1

Week 21


Week 22