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STEM Journey Kelantan 2019

  /  STEM Journey Kelantan 2019

STEM Journey Kelantan 2019

STEM Journey – we are glad to be participated with GO and NGO from various agencies. One of the collaboration was with Kelantan ICT Gateway where we completed our tour to Kota Bharu for the very first STEM Journey 1.0 at Kelantan State on 24 & 25 July 2019. A big thank you for the invitation from Kelantan ICT Gateway, an initiative by Kelantan state government to kickstart the STEM approach to local schools and private Arabic schools. We were amazed by their interest in STEM and also the effort and innovation shown throughout the programme. Congratulations to all 130 students & teachers across the state who made it.

Next is STEM Carnival held in Polytechnic Balik Pulau on 2nd Oct. We did various STEM exhibition & exciting workshops.
STEM+Architecture workshops is a workshop exclusively led by an architect, Ms Izzati M.Khairan to a little architects who aged 7-13 years old.

These workshops aim to introduce STEM approach through architecture, where it is newly recognized by American Institute of Architecture as STEM subject.

The recognition of architecture as a STEM subject embodies the profession’s history of ingenuity and problem solving, and its operating spheres at the intersection of art and science.