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STEM Journey is designed by customization for the event-based STEM programme. The programme can be customized based on the days and duration needed. This programme is suitable for schools on their STEM week or Science & Technology week. Our teachers and facilitators will be conducting the programme at your preferred location (within Malaysia).

1-day STEM Journey

9am-5pm: 4 STEM challenges in group

2-days STEM Journey

9am-5pm: 6 STEM challenges with STEM competition (group)

3-days STEM Journey

9am-5pm: 9 STEM challenges with STEM competition (group & individual)

Theme: Engineering, Art or Architecture

Kindly fill up the Contact Us form for programme details and quotation.

STEM Carnival is to exhibit STEM projects and deliverables for the audience to understand STEM programme better. We can work with various stakeholders such as schools open day, orientation day, university, charity events, property sales gallery etc.

4-hours STEM Carnival

Activities: 3D pens design making, The Mysterious Bag, Drawing Robot, Basketball Shoot.

8-hours STEM Carnival

Activities: 3D printing design making, Make your own glasses with 3D pen, Drawing Robot, The Mysterious Bag, Save the Alien, Scratch programming, London Bridge.

Kindly fill up the Contact Us form for programme details and quotation.

For schools, children home or any other learning centre that would like to have an in-depth talk on STEM Education in Malaysia, we are pleased to accept the invitation.

The topics that we can share are as below:

For students, parents, teachers and public:

“STEM Education – where is Malaysia now?”

“Discovering STEM Education”

“Why STEM Education is important”

For teachers & educators:

“How to teach creativity”
“Design thinking and making”

“Understanding STEM Education and methods of delivery”

Kindly fill up the Contact Us form for STEM talk details.